Born in Spain. Raised in Germany. Film school in San Francisco (Bachelor of Fine Arts - Film, Video Editing and Post Production). Currently reside outside of Seattle, WA. 

West Coast Best Coast. 

10+ Years of Freelance Experience. 

10+ years of remote freelance video production experience working with record labels, private businesses, universities, PACs, and more. Extensive experience taking projects from scratch to delivery and working with clients every step of the way as a solo creative. 

Music videos, album campaign marketing, commercials, infomercials, animated album covers, short films, animated web ads and banner content. 

7+ years experience working for two different marketing agencies, eventually leading me to an Associate Producer/Senior Video Editor title. 

Alongside talented coworkers, I helped produce and lead post-production on national commercials and infomercials, music videos, internal corporate video, web and digital marketing campaigns and more. Frequently met with clients to ensure brand standards and a healthy client-agency relationship. 

About me

Easy going and laid back with an extreme work ethic. I can mesh with people and teams seamlessly. I understand film and video production is not a 9-5, Monday-Friday job; I am very much acquainted with late nights and endless cups of coffee. The combination of my freelance and agency experience gives me a valuable perspective on managing projects solo or with a team, and how to achieve the best deliverable possible, despite circumstances or limitations.

Extensive experience with Adobe Creative Cloud (Pr, Ae, Ps, Ai, Dw) and 3D rending software Element 3D. Experience also includes Avid, Davinci Resolve, Cinema4D and Blender.

Husband, father and creative.

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